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Survey™ Project DNN® Module: SurveyBox v.

Sep 21, 2014 at 8:08 PM
It's hardly been a week since the SurveyBox version 1.0 was published but already life has been made much simpler with the SurveyBox v. 1.1 Install package for DNN 7.*

Installation now follows the regular guidelines for DNN extentions. No access to webroot directories and webfile editing needed except through the DNN interface and Extentions Wizard.

No need to search for SurveyId's. Just pick the survey from the dropdownlist on the Modules Settings Tab.

More SP features (e.g. upload answertype) will be added gradually over next releases. For now we hope to have improved useability.

Leave us your comments and feedback to improve on the next versions.

Kind regards,
SPDNN Coordinator