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The goal of this project is to create a DotNetNuke® ( DNN) Module of the Survey™ Project survey and (data entry) forms toolkit.

* Survey™ Project is a free web based survey and (data entry) forms toolkit for processing and gathering data online.

* DotNetNuke® is a web content management platform (CMS) for building professional websites with dynamic content and interactive features.


Note: DotNetNuke® is in no way affiliated with this project.

- Create a new DNN® Survey™ Project module for the DotNetNuke® web content management platform.

- As a starting point Survey Project v. 2.3 and DNN version 7.* will be used to create a DNN SP module in C#.

- The module will stay up-to-date with the development of new DNN version after v. 7.

- All published under GNU licences.
 For the latest news and information visit the Survey™ Project Community site at

Improved SurveyBox v.1.1 DNN Module released.

SurveyBox DNN Module created. Read more! or download the module.

- Survey Project DNN® Module Codeplexproject created.

Contributions & Joining the project 

For instructions on how to contribute to the Survey™ Project please go to the Survey Web Application Contributions page. This is were you will find further instructions on joining the project as well.
The Survey™ Project Websites More Project Info
Donations & Sponsors
The following sites are part of the current project:

- Survey™ Codeplex website:
  • sharing of source code
  • issue registration
  • new releases;
  • documentation

- Survey™ Community website at
  • project log and status updates
  • community forums on all Survey related subjects
  • Survey product backgrounds
  • links and help files

- Survey™ Demonstation website at
  • test and demo site of the online administration tool
  • test and demo site of online survey samples
Information regarding the DotNetNuke Framework can be found at: - DNN Community and Corporation - DNN Source code and repository

Backgroundinformation on creating DNN modules:

 Previous versions of the DNN module (PA) of the Nsurvey application are available for demonstration and studying purposes only. They cannot be used in any DNN versions higher than version 3. Do not try to install them on any newer (DNN 4, 5 or 6) installations.

Source code
- To get this project started the only available sourcecode from the Nsurvey PA for DNN 3 will be published to the repository.
- The new module will not make use of these sources. They are obsolete both for the DNN and Survey parts.
- Starting point for the new module will be DNN 7 and Survey Project 2.3. sources.

The donations will be used to finance the Survey™ project:

- development
- support
- project management and infrastructure

You can make your donations via Paypal:

  Survey Project Paypal Donations

If you appreciate it, we can add your name / company on our Donation Acknowledgements page.

Sponsors & Advertisements

You can contact the Survey™ Project to sponsor the projects activities or place your advertisements on the Community site. Send us your mail at:

You can visit the Survey™ Project Community site for more details.


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